If you’re like me, you need a little help staying motivated and on track. This printable was created simply because I personally needed to get intentional about what I am spending my time on each day. If I’m not careful, I will sit down with every intention of working… only to check Facebook “real quick,” and then suddenly an hour later I am just now opening my email. This is especially difficult for me because I am a work at home mom. I think I have all day to work, but in reality, I have very limited time, especially if I want to be intentional about our family time.


It’s nothing pretty, but this is the highly functional planner sheet that I came up with. This is an editable PDF, meaning you can type into it before printing it out! This is the way I am using it:


But you could also just print it out blank and fill it in with pencil each day if you want.


You can use the Time & Task section for a full schedule of your day, or just for appointments. I have mine in 30 minute increments, but you can make yours hourly. Fill it in completely, or leave some things blank. You could even keep it on your desktop and open it and check things off there without even printing!

It’s really easy to make it work for you!



You are free to use it for personal use. If you want to share it, please link back to this site. Thanks and enjoy! 🙂