I’ll admit it… I created the “Once Upon A Time…” theme for my own daughter’s birthday.  She really wanted a princess party, but I wasn’t too crazy about the idea.  Personally, I wanted a Yo Gabba Gabba party, but it was her birthday so I let her pick.  She is all about playing dress up and pretending to be a princess.  So instead of alienating the little boys that she is friends with I came up with Once Upon A Time.  That way the party could embody all the aspects of a fairytale story!  The little girls were all given princess crowns as favors and boys were given swords so they could be knights.  Boys and girls her age all like dressing up and playing pretend so it worked well.

Dessert Table

Cupcakes wrapped in our printable wrappers.

An example of the printable labels.

A great use for the printable pattern sheets that are available in the full theme collection. Just print and wrap!

Potted trees added to the fairytale feel of the party. Each seat had a matching placemat – also available in the full collection.

The beautiful birthday girl!

Interested in having your own “Once Upon A Time…” birthday party?  

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